Blue Skies Bald Eagles

I took an early morning walk around my favorite pond on Monday, taking advantage of the day I had off from work. Winter had returned, it was back into the 30’s but I didn’t mind as the sky was blue and the sun was shining. I looked out across the pond to see 2 Eagles perched in the trees at different ends of the pond.  Here’s one of them.hangingwithbirds

I took a few photos from across the pond and then continued to walk around, assuming that when I got near the side they were on they would most likely take flight. Much to my surprise I was able to stand directly beneath the tree one of them was perched in and look straight up at him. What an amazing bird to see so close up. I took a few photos and moved on, but he never left. By the time I neared where the other Eagle had been he was no longer there- I don’t know if he heard me coming or just decided to find his own spot where he didn’t have to share his catch with anyone.undereagle1



19 thoughts on “Blue Skies Bald Eagles

  1. The first time I saw one of these guys was an immature (albeit full grown) bird. He was sitting on the wire in front of the house on the Vineyard. A friend dragged me out there saying “YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!” It was the very beginning of the return of the American Eagles to the main land. After that, they arrived in Massachusetts and set up homes in this valley and the northern valley where the other big rivers are.

    Now, they live all over the state and have moved north, south, and west. They have, however, left the Vineyard. They couldn’t fish faster than the wading birds.


  2. These are wonderful! So great to see him/her up close!!! And a perfect blue sky and red buds on the tree as well! Looks like the tree thinks it’s almost spring!


  3. So Nobel!
    I had heard there were many eagles near a chain of lakes near me, and drove to see them last weekend. 😣 Sadly, they were all hiding and I saw none. Oh well. Thank you for sharing yours!


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