The Weekly Smile

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from my sister. She had been sorting through old photo albums that belonged to my mother and sent me close to 100 photos she thought I might like to have. Many were duplicates that are in my own albums, but some I had never seen, or had no recollection of. I spent the evening sorting through them and thinking back to when they had been taken, where life has gone since then, my parents both no longer here. Though bittersweet, I smiled at the memories, at the good times caught by the lens, just remembering.

Me and my mother, taken in 1972 at the party of a neighbor, I was 15. I don’t recall ever seeing this photo before. I do remember the dress though!1972

1975 me on the piano at a family gathering with my sister and Father singing along. Another photo I had never seen before.1975piano

Me and my Grandfather in 1988 on the Shelter Island Ferry- we must have gone from his home in Southampton NY to visit my Aunt who lived there. He was 82 at the time.grandpa1988

What was your smile for the week?

28 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. In our family, we call it surfing the past. It makes for some happy reminiscing, … because let’s face it, we rarely take photos of unhappy times 🙂

    I have so few photos from my youth, it’s always a treat to see one I’ve never seen before. I can imagine your delight while sorting through them 🙂


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