A Photo A Week Challenge: Details

While walking through a street fair last summer in New York City, I looked North on Lexington Avenue and saw a large skyscraper blocks away that seemed to have interesting architecture at the top. I zoomed in with my camera to take a closer look. It was the General Electric Building, originally known as the RCA Victor Building, an historic 50-floor, 640-foot tall, skyscraper built in 1931. Built in the Gothic mode of the Art Deco style, with the four monumental electrical deities, allegories of the power of radio at the top. The rays that emanate from their heads are cast aluminum and designed for neon lighting installation. Amazing architectural details.dscn7311-2




25 thoughts on “A Photo A Week Challenge: Details

  1. Great zoom! … and great eye! Seeing this at the top of a 50 storey building wouldn’t have been obvious. Such a shame that this wonderful detail isn’t easily viewable from the ground.


  2. What an interesting building. I will definitely have to look for it the next time I’m in New York. Your closeup of the detail is stunning! Thanks for joining the challenge!


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