Owls, Coyotes and Trees, Oh My

Sunday I visited Wave Hill , a 28-acre estate in the  Riverdale section of the Bronx, in New York City. It  consists of public horticultural gardens and a cultural center, all situated on the slopes overlooking the Hudson River. A friend and I spent the day there- attending two lectures and walking the grounds. One lecture was about the Coyote population in New York. Very informative and interesting. I had no idea there were families of Coyote living in the woods in the New York area. The other lecture was about Owls, and we were introduced to a Screech Owl- he had been hit by a car and now resides in a preserve. We also dissected owl pellets- Owls regurgitate what they have eaten, small oval pellets consisting of hair and fur and bones. I was a bit squeamish about it, but too fascinated not to do it.

The day wasn’t too cold, though it did flurry for a bit, but undeterred we walked through the grounds and ate our lunch overlooking the Hudson River with a view of the George Washington Bridge. The friend I went with is someone I work with whom I have gotten to know better over the past 2 years. We have much in common- we share a love of nature, of handwork such as knitting and crochet, we love to color and create. I consider myself fortunate to have connected with her, often as we get older those connections are few and far between. She is calm of nature, which I am not, but being with her slows the anxious, tense parts of me, which I welcome.

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday.20170205_145822



18 thoughts on “Owls, Coyotes and Trees, Oh My

  1. I have never seen a Screech Owl in person. What a tragedy for a bird to be hit by a car. He is lovely. I hope he will reach full recovery.


  2. such a fun post – and in 2002 I used to teach little kids at a nature center – and a few times came home with owl pellets (in foil) in my jacket pocket… but they were sterilized. and at our center – there were some employees who collected the pellets from our park – so fun.

    anyhow, enjoyed hearing about your adventure and the little bones bring back memories. we had worksheets for our students – did they have any?


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