End of Day-End of Week

It has been a long, drawn out week with disturbing things happening at work which have zapped my energy physically and emotionally.

On the positive side, the daylight hours are growing longer and it is still light when I leave work now. Today I just had to stop to watch the sun set- I took these photos with my cell phone, no filters, no alteration of colors. I thought the colors of the clouds and the brilliance of the sun so beautiful I wanted to share. I have neglected answering your comments, and reading your blogs, I do hope to catch up over the weekend! Looking forward to seeing you then!20170202_170023



16 thoughts on “End of Day-End of Week

  1. Beautiful photos, yes the days are getting longer and soon it will be spring, positive thoughts! Hope you don’t get blown away in the gales, stay safe. Very windy here too.


  2. I think we are all having a hard time. I know Garry and I sure are. I’m grateful for lovely sunrises and pink sunsets. They remind me there’s still a world out there with beauty in it.


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