Washing the floor is such  mundane chore. My kitchen floor is very old white linoleum, and impossible to clean at this point. I was using an old Swiffer mop that no longer worked with its appropriate cleaner and pad, instead using a towel with it to push along the floor to clean it. Until today, when someone posted on Facebook “helpful hints” for using different things for different purposes. They suggested taking an old pair of cozy socks- and wrapping one around the bottom of a Swiffer. GENIUS! I have plenty of these old type of socks that I can use. Throw them in the laundry and they’re good to go for next time. dscn9469



27 thoughts on “Repurpose

  1. What a great idea. I was looking at replacing the head on my mop because it’s just reached the “I don’t think this could clean anything, anymore” stage, and they didn’t have any in the right size at three different stores. Uhg. This is much easier than buying an entirely new mop, so thank you 🙂


  2. That’s a great idea Lisa, I use a towel instead of the Swiffer pads. Spell check doesn’t like Swiffer! I was just thinking this apartment needs a spiffing…


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