The Changing Seasons: January 2017

Max has left it up to us as to how we want to interpret  “the changing seasons” : a painting or perhaps a digital manipulation? One photo, a gallery with plenty of photos? Photos of the same place each month or different spots?

I have chosen the same place over the past few months and at different times of day. There is a revolutionary war house not far from where I live. General George Washington actually used it as a headquarters in 1776. The land it stands on has a river on one side, and a beautiful view of a barn on the other. I often stop there to watch the sun set behind it, or watch the many birds that congregate there. One snowfall so far, a blanket of white on the old barn.dscn9096

Quite different from the falldscn7851-2

This photo I took this past week when the combination of warmer temperatures in the morning created fog. Our winter has been unusually warm.dscn9295

A January sunset I caught on my way home from work – I just had to stop and take it in.

The Changing Seasons


32 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: January 2017

  1. I love the snow one, and the foggy one looks most mysterious. I get a lot of fog here living near the coast. Not such attractive barns though…


  2. The first and third photo of the barn reflect my experience of January as well.Based on your statement that General George Washington actually used it as a headquarters in 1776, I have deduced that you live in the north east USA; either Massschussets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Those are all the states Washington visited in 1776.


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