Seagull Sunday

I always find Seagulls quite entertaining. I took a walk along a local river to find flocks of them hanging around. The fishing was good as evidenced by this guy having the catch of the day.



This group was just hanging out, maybe they had eaten already. They were not bothered at all by my presence, as I stood just a few feet from them.

I enjoyed standing at a lookout over the river and watching them fly by me, they seemed to be moving slowly- maybe preserving their energy against the cold.dscn9254


This guy preferred bobbing along… dscn9275

and this one stood alone taking in the sights turning to watch me as I left  the dock

Have a good Monday all!

25 thoughts on “Seagull Sunday

  1. He would be an envy of many fishermen :D. These are glorious captures, Lisa. Now I am sorry I haven’t posted food chain challenge yet 😀


  2. Very cheeky birds 🙂 We once lost an entire dinner when a couple of them dropped out of the sky and lifted the steak right off the barbecue. Garry calls them “Hoovers” because they eat everything.


  3. What a great series! I enjoy watching the gulls. They are our sign of spring down here. When the Laughing Gulls return, spring isn’t too far behind. 🙂


  4. Great photos as always Lisa. A couple days ago at work, I watched a handful of Chickadee sized birds continually take the food a Pigeon was breaking up away from him. So fun to watch, I love birds!


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