The Weekly Smile

Thursday was my first day of vacation and I got out of the house early (7:30) to take a walk. It was in the 30’s but the sun was shining and I was excited not to be working! I walked around my favorite pond but I think the birds must have still been sleeping as it was pretty quiet. As I was leaving I happened to glance up and there in the very top of a tree overlooking the river that lies on the other side of the pond, was the unmistakable sight of a Bald Eagle. When I was growing up Bald Eagles were extinct. They were affected by the pesticide DDT, leaving them unable to lay eggs that would hatch. After the pesticide was banned they made a slow recovery and began to populate once again. I have seen them in my area, and each time I am almost moved to tears at seeing them. The fact that they recovered in my lifetime, and they are so majestic as they stand on the branch of a tree. baldeagle1

As I stood watching, another Eagle flew into sight. I quickly attempted to take a photo as he approached, not paying attention to focusing the camera, more intent on just getting a shot if I couldbaldeagleflyinginThey had a bit of a tussle… and then flew off together. dscn9119

What a smiling moment it was for me! What a great way to start my day. I continued to smile any time it came to mind throughout the day. What was your smile of the week?

22 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Not sure how I missed this one Lisa. Maybe it was during my own Bald Eagle visitation out here in the Northwest? Anyway, great shot, and a wonderful reminder of our impact on our earthmates, both positive and negative.

    Thanks so much for remembering.


  2. These Bald Eagle photos are amazing, Lisa. You really show what a great photographer you are. By the time I would focus the eagle would have flown (the coop! 🙂 ) xo


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