Good Morning Tuesday!

Just today and tomorrow in school and then I’m off for winter vacation!! Makes it easier to get through the day with that in mind. Also helps to have spoken with an administrator in school about the ongoing problems I am having with the head teacher I work with. Doubtful the teacher will change or can change, but airing my grievances and knowing certain things will have to change makes for a better mood for me.

Sunday I took advantage of the sunny morning and took a walk. My favorite squirrel  popped out of his home to say hello as I walked bydscn9057

The moon decided to hang around longer than usualdscn9066

and I spotted this nest built within a bush- I am always amazed at the intricacy of a bird’s nestdscn9086

This White Throated Sparrow sat himself in the sun for some warmth

I followed these footsteps and headed homedscn9089

Hope your Tuesday is filled with good things!

18 thoughts on “Good Morning Tuesday!

    • Thanks George- I am resigned to just getting through the rest of the year with her- I’m focused on being there for the kids. It’s unfortunate that some people are just so unpleasant and unable to connect with people- she has had a different assistant every year for about 15 years. That should tell you something right there. No one can take her for more than 1 year!

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