Black & White Sunday: On Top

Paula has invited us to show her “on top” this week. I am always fascinated by birds that choose to sit on the lone highest branch on top of a tree. Balancing there, looking out, acting the sentinel perhaps. Here are some I have capturedontop2bw



and then there was the Guinea Hen who did not seem to mind straddling himself on top of this fence.ontopbwguineahen


On Topblack&whitesunday

11 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: On Top

  1. Gosh, how beautiful they are! What is the first one? One would think that making them black and white would make the shots less beautiful and interesting, but far from it. I like the simplicity and elegance of these captures, and really what would be more fitting for the “on top” theme, than a bird on a highest branch. As usual your captures have made me smile. Wishing you a good week ahead Lisa.


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