Who Says A Beach Chair is Just for the Beach?

Yesterday brought the first real snow of the season, it snowed the entire day, but fortunately did not add up to that much. By evening there was about 6 inches on the ground and it was light and fluffy and not a problem to shovel. The temps are bitter cold, last night 16, and today 23 and windy making it feel colder. I fed the birds all day yesterday, I always feel so bad when the snow doesn’t let up and they must be so hungry. This morning the sun appeared, and though it was only 18 degrees, I decided to sit outside with my coffee and watch the birds.dscn8980


I filled the feeder and scattered some  seed and sat and watched my feathered friends appear.

I sat drinking my coffee for about 45 minutes, my presence going unnoticed, even though I was just a few feet away from the buffet. I looked up to see a Hawk flying above, and landing on the very top of a 40 foot pine tree overlooking the yard, surveying what I assume he considered to be his buffet. I kept an eye on him and ventured into the yard to zoom in to get a shot of him. He then flew off in a different direction.

Perfect way to start the day and set the tone for the rest of it!sky


28 thoughts on “Who Says A Beach Chair is Just for the Beach?

  1. Beautiful post Lisa 🙂
    It is also cold in the nights here in Spain now, but in daytime we can be lucky to see the sun and then enjoy to sit outdoor too, which I often do. Then it is more warm outside than inside 😀
    You are a kind soul to take care of the birds. I can’t here with 2 cats, this would be like a buffet for them.


  2. Your photos are amazing! I am also inspired! My hummers are still feeding, and I need to get a couple of more bird feeders in the backyard. With my new camera, I’m already capturing some great bird shots!


  3. You’ve inspired me…as you often do.

    I won’t be sitting outside but I do have my writing desk positioned exactly right for the best view of all “my birds”. I feed my crows out on my deck every morning. I call them and they come!

    This morning, there were two battling seagulls added to the mix (always startling to me as I grew up in San Diego where gulls are the main bird). Contrary to popular belief, Seattle is NOT a coastal town. We are many miles from the closest ocean.

    Thanks for a great share today.

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      • Oh my GOSH!!!! I LOVE this video! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. This crow acts so much like my cat Zorro, especially that eye contact at the end.

        I have always wanted a crow. Even more, I have always wanted to see a baby crow. (So far, only teenagers)

        Crows are my favorite bird…well, tied with Hummingbirds, and I do love an Eagle or Osprey sighting. Oh who am I kidding? I love them all!!

        And here’s my favorite documentary about them, a few years old now and 90 minutes long but if you have not seen it, a real treasure.

        Thanks again Lisa.

        Now I have to go write some more. I guess I better just read stuff from you when I actually have time for the follow-up you seem to inspire!

        Thanks again for the video.


      • So glad you liked the video!! Sometimes I watch it just to get a smile. What documentary are you referring to? There was no link. So nice to think I inspire you!!! We inspire each other 🙂


  4. I feel for your feathered friends in this cold, but I can see you care well for them. The captures are outstanding, your mocking bird can’t be more perfect.


  5. Wonderful pictures! This is THE time of year for cardinal spotting. Red against all that white!

    Did you know that beach chairs are the traditional way to mark your territorial claim on a shoveled out parking spot in Boston? it isn’t legal, but the law of the street is that he who shovels the snow can claim the space and woe to anyone who moves that beach chair! When i saw your title, I thought “Gee, has that moved down to NY?” Guess not.


  6. Great post Lisa, love these photos!! Your so good behind that lens. I wonder if that’s a Red Tail Hawk, they are common in Michigan. Great rodent controllers and beautiful birds too.


    • I might have been a red tail- we also have Cooper’s Hawks in this area- he was huge and just planted himself on the very top of the tree- surveying the area below. It was something to see!!

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