Winter Light

I leave for work at 7:45 in the morning and my work day ends at 4:45. The sky is dark in November and December as I get into my car, the sun having set earlier. During the day I am fortunate to work in a building that has an indoor bridge connecting two buildings, which I cross many times during the day. This is my view in fall and winterbridgefall


I am glad to have the view since daylight will be gone when I leave.

Now that we have passed the winter solstice, the days are becoming longer once again. Yesterday I came out of work to find the sun had not yet set. As I drove home I followed the red of the setting sun against the clouds, and then decided to stop and take it in. I didn’t mind the cold biting at me, I was intent on just being in the moment. This was my viewsunset

Sometimes it is just stopping for that moment and being in the moment that can make the biggest difference in how we feel, and allow us to forget whatever else may be going on. I was glad I stopped.


21 thoughts on “Winter Light

  1. Sometimes in the last few years that I worked the sun would be setting on my drive home and would be spectacular. I’d look for a place to stop and sometimes catch a bit of it. Always enjoyed those moments. Not that I’d go back to work again just for that…but it was some of the good of working.


    • Thanks John- I just stood there taking it in- if anyone had appeared they would probably have thought I was crazy! Luckily it is on the property of an old historic house and no one comes by!

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