Rainy Day Tuesday

It rained all day yesterday and it’s raining again today. No complaints from me as it is January and it could very well be snow! One more day closer to spring I keep saying. However, it is dreary, and though I am indoors all day it still somehow sets the mood. I’ll share some of the photos I took last week that bring some sunshine to an otherwise gray and wet day.

Sunset after a rainstorm last week, I did nothing to alter the color- the sky was absolutely amazing!1

A Bluejay with no fear of the colddscn8889

Afternoon around a local ponddscn8900

A goose sharing space with Hooded Merganser ducksdscn8907

Sleeping Goosedscn8919

26 thoughts on “Rainy Day Tuesday

  1. 🙂 how nice of you. We are having snow now and they are promising -25 over the weekend. I’d much rather stare at your sunlit sky than out of the window. That photo of the bluejay is perfect, Lisa, but so is the Canadian goose 🙂


    • Thanks- I always feel for the birds in winter in the cold. Stay warm- it snowed just a bit here last night but the roads are clear. The weekend will be cold and give me a chance to stay in and work on Thursday’s special!


  2. I really don’t mind the rain, but I admit that the cold and rain together are hard on arthritic joints. Garry and I are having a serious groaning contest 🙂 The dogs just sleep. I think the birds are all hiding, too.

    They always say that this weather is good for ducks. I wonder how the ducks feel about it?

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