Another year gone by. My birthday happens to be December 31st, so I am not only reminded that the calendar year turns over, but also am reminded that I am turning the page on another year of life. What’s in a year? We never know what’s to come and the older I get the less I think about it.

2012 brought loss- a friend I had been caring for for 18 months died, we lost our 17 year old cocker spaniel, I broke my elbow which took me on a journey I had never experienced and hope never to repeat. 2013 took me back into the world of working, new friends, new life. I started my blogging journey- making new connections and taking up photography. 2014 brought back my love for the beach and ocean. 2015 brought more loss- two close friends quite unexpectedly, my brother’s passing, changing my perspective on the future, changing my thoughts on never taking a day for granted, there are no guarantees.

What’s in a year? Milestones reached, family gatherings, day trips, smiles, tears, laughter, fun, joy, birth, death. Hope for the year to come. Hope that those we love will be with us throughout the year. Hope.

Daily Post: Year

53 thoughts on “Year

  1. It has been a crazy year and I’m glad it’s over. I just hope that there is a lot of good in this coming one.

    I always enjoy your posts and you wonderful pictures. Hopefully, I will be able to make it over here more often in 2017!

    And…happy belated birthday!


  2. The sentiment you expressed at the end was the most important message – the hope that those we love will still be with us at the end of the year.
    My best wishes that this year is one of the best ones 🙂


  3. Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead and a belated Birthday. Well you always have fireworks a the end for your Birthday.. how is that….. hope you celebrated in style!


  4. Wow, I just learned more about you than your list of events. I am so sorry for all the loss you have experienced. And I am glad you seem to be able (or maybe it’s that you’re willing) to balance that loss with the good things you have experienced also. Love reading your posts Lisa and a belated Happy Birthday from me also!

    Cyber hugs,


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    • Kathie thanks so much- I think life is really a balancing act- the good, the bad, not letting one overtake the other. Hope your year is filled with lots of good! ❤


  5. An interesting approach to the change of the year – thank you for sharing your journey. My sympathies for the losses but you seem to have gained a genuine appreciation for what’s important in this life. My best to you for 2017

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  6. I am grateful for this post. Just stopping by. And I’m sorry you had to repeat yourself so many times about 2012. 🙂 Thank you for posting this. 2017 looks promising. 🙂 Blessings.


  7. Happy birthday!

    and I love your “what’s in a year”

    and we had some losses in 2016 too – oh and I also had a similar year in 2012…. I was rushing to finish stuff and overdid it – but had a good summer and some other stuff that year – but I like how you added in a few years as you assessed this one. That is how my mind works too. 🙂


  8. Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year. My wife’s birthday is also New Year’s Eve – so a very special day for her as well. Wishing you good fortune and happiness for 2017.


  9. I may be wrong but you mentioned the year of 2012, possibly a memory of a challenging year. Just was wondering if you meant 2016 (?)
    I don’t mean to correct you, but sometimes I need help on my blog. . . maybe was the correct year.
    I have enjoyed all the beautiful photographs of birds, nature, trips you and your husband shared with us, your growing nieces and I could relate to your school stories.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year and here’s to our continued conversation and friendship! 🙂


  10. I am maybe wrong but you mentioned 2012. It was a challenging year in this post. I was wondering if somehow you may have meant 2016(?)
    I liked the birds and stories of school, I like your fun trips with husband, enjoyed your growing nieces. So glad we have spent time together, Lisa.
    Here’s to a better and special year ahead! ❤


      • Guess what? I usually go from my friend’s current post and head backwards. So I found that one of my responses sounds like another one. Shoot!
        Then someone felt I was repeating myself when accidentally, I didn’t see my reply “post” or “sent.” I rewrote nearly the same thing.
        Lisa, this has happened on my blog where I just choose one and delete one. It is okay to get rid of one of these since it wasn’t meant to be two of similar replies. People may think I am arguing when I am so peaceful and try never to offend. . . Thanks, if you see this, Lisa. ❤


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