Weekend Again!

I have had a cold all week which turned into a bad cough, and I decided to stay home from school yesterday. I did go back this morning as Friday is a half day and felt well enough to make it through. I was greeted with a bunch of get well cards the kids in my 1st grade class had made for me. This one stood out among them, and I wanted to share it  because I thought it was just so sweet.20161216_083729

The part I love the most is the drawing on the right.

A snowstorm is expected tomorrow so I plan on doing nothing other than concentrate on ridding the germs from my body. The good news is the temps are supposed to rise and the snow will turn to rain! Beginning in December with the passing of each day I always say we are one day closer to spring. So far so good in terms of lack of snow too. Here’s the snow we had yesterday that lasted for all of 5 minutes and then the sun came out

Hope you all have a great weekend- I’ll leave you with some captures from a walk I took last weekenddscn8498




27 thoughts on “Weekend Again!

  1. The birds were a special treat or feast for my eyes, Lisa. The child’s drawing with the heart drawn as if it is an unspoken thought, with you and the child at school were precious!


  2. That card should be framed and placed on an important wall in your home. It says EVERYTHING about you, your teaching, and how you affect your students. Absolutely wonderful testament to your being. Sorry to gush so much, but I really love these kinds of unaffected expressions of gratitude from children – they can tell us (draw us) how they feel without holding back, unlike adults.
    Your bird ‘captures’ are beautiful. Here’s hoping our snow stops soon – I’d prefer rain too. I guess we aren’t winter-lovers. 🙂

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  3. This flu season has started off on a rough note. I hope your cough clears up quickly and doesn’t degenerate into much worse like I’ve seen with a few people in the past couple of weeks.
    I too love the drawing on the card. How sweet it must feel to know your students really like you 🙂

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    • I remember my 5th grade teacher crush- first male teacher I had ever had. He stayed in the area and I met him a few years ago for lunch- should have left it as a 5th grade memory- what a disappointment to meet him as an adult sorry to say.

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