Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I would tell you to come in quick, it is 24 degrees outside and too cold to stand there! I’d say to take a peek out the window at the birds in the feeder, I feel so bad for them when it is so cold outside.021

I want to show you what came in the mail yesterday from a fellow blogger, all the way from the state of Washington to New Jersey. It was from Kathie at chosenperspectives, a blog I highly recommend you check out. She said she thought of me when she saw these and sent them.socks

It was the nicest thing ever, and warmed my heart. I love the way blogging connects us together, how we come to know one another and think of each other even when not blogging. Friendships are forged through our writing and sharing of ourselves- I just love it.

If you are ready for another cup I am too, I usually have 2 to start my day.  Later I will stop at Dunkin Donuts as they are having a special if you come in 5 times before 11 am they’ll add 100 points to my rewards card. Can’t pass that up!

I’d tell you about my week in school but would rather not seeing as it was a bit challenging this past week. On the positive side I subbed for the head teacher Friday and we had a great time creating our own word searches using the week’s spelling words. I think the kids felt empowered hiding all those words amid the graph, writing them backwards and forwards and diagonally, so excited to take it home and have their sibling or parent search for the words. It was great fun.search

It’s time to get the day started, laundry and vacuuming are calling – but first I will venture out into the cold for a walk. Hope to see you next week!

32 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I love cardinals, and have since I was a very little girl and my grandfather introduced them to me. I still love seeing those vivid red birds against the snow. I might feel worse for them in the cold, except that they’ve evolved for it.

    Your socks look snug and lovely, and I’m sure the friendship will warm you every time you wear them or even see them.


  2. This was truly a nice surprise, Lisa! I love birds and am always happy when I see your bird photographs. I like the cardinal “all hunkered down.” 🙂 It looks sweet. Thank you for the nice thought for him being out in such brisk weather.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Isn’t Kathie so wonderful and thoughtful!! I love those unexpected acts of human kindness and I’m amazed she found something so personally suited to you. It’s like they were waiting for her to pass them forward. I found my Dad a Beatles T-shirt at the Op Shop today with a photo of them from Dr Pepper. It’s XL and he could well be medium although he’s tall and I can hear him saying he’ll never wear it but the Beatles were such a part of my childhood and I they always remind me of him.
    Thank you very much for the coffee. I think you’ll be dunkin more than donuts after all that sugar and cinnamon. You could well be jumping over the Christmas tree!
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


  4. I love seeing the cardinal, they are so pretty and we don’t see them in the Northwest. That was nice of Kathy to send the socks to you. Your word search game must have been fun for your students.


  5. What a fun time that word search project must have been. Last week I taught my grandson how to solve word search puzzles. I’m going to have him do a few more really easy ones this week then I’ll have him try to make his own. I think he’ll love it. I am thinking maybe we can make a few more advanced ones and print them out and gift them to the adults in his life. We’ll see if we get that far!

    I’m glad your week ended on a more positive note!


    • Thanks Corina! There are websites where you can make your own typing in your own words- some you can do in shapes like cars- just google wordsearch and it should come up!


  6. I have gotten some wonderful, unique things from fellow bloggers. We are kind to one another. It’s amazing how good a little thoughtfulness can make us feel. Maybe it will be contagious and the rest of the world will catch on!


  7. blush….

    And now you see exactly why I thought of you!! I’m SO glad you like them!

    This reminds me. I have to go check on my hummingbird feeders. Make sure they did not freeze last night. As we say up here…On THIS side of the mountains, meaning the Cascades, freezing is rare, but at our other place in Spokane, it is due to be minus 1 in a couple of days. No Hummers at this time of year over there!

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