I can’t help taking things to heart, getting upset at how unkind someone can be, not being able to wrap my head around how someone can stay so rooted in the same place not being able to ever step outside their neat little black and white world, leaving no room for the gray areas. Especially when it comes to children, where the world needs to be flexible sometimes, where things don’t always work out as they are supposed to, where bending to work around a situation is necessary. I have come to believe that being unkind has to be one of the worst traits a person can possess. Mean runs a close second, but just being unkind and unfeeling is something I have no tolerance for. This week presented many challenges for me in the classroom, witnessing unkindness to 6 year olds, something I cannot fathom. That would have been bad enough but the teacher actually dragged me into- or I should say attempted to drag me into her unkindess by asking me to agree with what she had said to a student- in front of the whole class- to which I gave a contrary reply. Yes I went to speak to our administrator  about the two incidents, telling her I felt I would be complicit in her behavior if I did not, that I felt it an obligation to let her know what had gone on. Both incidents were verbal, inappropriate and made both children feel bad. All could have been avoided if this teacher  allowed herself to be flexible, allowed herself to feel kindness and understanding for the needs of a 6 year old. In any case as soon as I got home today I ventured out into the windy frigid cold of the day to air out and take in nature. What luck to walk into my favorite park and look up at a tree that holds a nesting box to see thisdscn8700

then thissquirrel2peek

I laughed out loud as they stared me downdscn8708

Just what I needed todaydscn8709

and the beautiful viewdscn8713

With some fall color still hanging on amidst the browndscn8736

and a Mocking Bird looking my way

Have a good weekend all- hope to catch up on everyone’s blogs over the weekend.

41 thoughts on “TGIF!!!!

  1. I am so sorry about the teacher being inappropriate towards the six year olds and then trying to include you in her meanness! This upset me and I had to stop and think about any consoling thoughts. I am sympathetic towards you. I hope the principal or administrator was able to say, “You did the right thing!” ❤


  2. I’m wordless. How awful for a teacher to behave in that way…not just cruel but outright TACKY!

    Good for you for knowing what to do and then exactly how you could move on from it.

    I am a squirrel fan also and I have one cat that loves them (from inside).

    I just say “Lucy, your friends are here!” And she comes running to whichever window I am closest to.
    (wish I could post a picture here for you to see…)


  3. Oh lord – won’t you buy me – a Mercedes benz….
    The mocking bird reminded me of that line!

    And I enjoyed the squirrels – how cute !
    And what a boost to your day!
    you know
    All ages of kids get wounded from such harshness – the young especially / but I know many middle schoolers are hurt when certain education folks are so rigid and just downright. COld and mean.
    In the 90s my spouse worked in Denver area with youth and he came back from a local school middle school one day and said every single teacher scowled or seemed miserable.
    I think your post touches upon a bigger problem throughout many class rooms –
    Love and tenderness and warmth is sidelined with rules and conformity!
    We. Need structure
    But like you noted here – there has to be flexibility for students to grow and learn and be individual –
    And with this strict and harsh admonishing for conformity. (Without leeway) robs us of having future leaders!
    Because we shut down kids and take away their power
    When we can empower and Edify when we do as you suggest – use words that did and give life
    Use behavior mod that redirects and fills with growth instead of tearing down and wounding!

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  4. Totally agree with you my sweets..i had that done to me as a child on a regular good for you to say something..flexibilty is a must in a lot of circumstances with wee ones..fluid as it should be ..i really despise meanness and nastiness..thankgoodness nature has such a sweet way to make us smile..lovely pictures…loves Bev xx


  5. Really disgusting. Why is this person on staff? Six years old is such a highly impressionable age. Sorry this is going on in your school Lisa. Those chipmunks are so cute! We should all take example from them. 🐻


  6. I’m sorry you have to work with such a thoughtless and unkind person, but I’m glad that the kids have you there to stick up for them and show kindness toward them. I’m also glad you spoke to the administrator about it. Sometimes they are slow to act but I think that once they have a file full of complaints and reported incidents, they are more likely to take some action.

    I’m glad you able to leave it behind for a bit and go out and enjoy nature!


  7. Take a deep breath and enjoy your weekend. Hopefully next week will be better at school. And keep standing up for those kids. Sometimes the only people that are on their sides are their teachers.


    • The walk started me off right and I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the weekend! Thanks for your words- and I think the kids know I am on their side which makes me feel good.


  8. Lisa–those little squirrels are a riot! I laughed out loud, too!! Is this the same teacher (your neighbor) who you have gone through with this already? How can admin allow her to keep teaching if she is like this? She sounds like she needs to change positions….or retire! So sorry for your crummy day.


    • That was the music teacher(neighbor) who has made changes and improvements to the music class- so at least she has tried. The teacher I wrote about is the head teacher I work with in the morning. The list of offenses keeps growing- whether or not they act on it will be another story. I will continue to complain every time and sooner or later they will have to acknowledge it- confront her or get rid of her. We shall see. To say I was ready for the weekend was an understatement!!!

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  9. Those little squirrel faces are so sweet. Pity that humans are often so mean-spirited. I don’t understand what is going on with people anymore. Civility, honesty, honor, kindness, generosity seem to have become almost overnight, obsolete. How did we get here? Honestly, I don’t know, but I do not like the world I seem to be part of. And the thing is, the worst people — the mean ones, the bullies, the back-biters, and rumor mongers — don’t seem to have any reason why they are so small of heart. They aren’t suffering from problems that are out of the normal. It’s their response to their problem which is abnormal and I don’t get it, Maybe, I don’t want to get it,.

    Keep taking pictures. Art will save your soul.


    • Art will save your soul- thank you for those words Marilyn- you are so right!! This woman is a 54 year old disgruntled unhappy person, burned out from teaching 30 years and not changing with the world as it has changed. She is unkind and ungiving, not to mention bullies her co workers and thinks she knows it all. Someone like this would normally not enter the realm of my world her attitudes so foreign to me- but work threw us together and gave me no choice.


  10. Yeah Baby, there it is a rant from Lisa. I waited for it long enough. 🙂

    The squirrel pictures are priceless, they are clowns, aren’t they. We have a house squirrel and I swear it waits every morning on the fence for the dogs to come out. I think it looks at them as exercise equipment. They are funny animals.


    • Oh my dear friend I am laughing- haven’t I ranted before???? I am the QUEEN of the rant- I suppose I try to spare my blogging friends for the most part in fear they will all leave me 😀 I just had to let it out this time!!!!! Thanks for listening and I was just so happy to see those adorable squirrels- it was just what I needed. That and your comment ❤ ❤ ❤


  11. There’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour is there? It would have made me upset too. Thank goodness you have nature to escape to. Have a relaxing weekend Lisa.


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