Feathers on Friday: Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

I spotted a bird way up in a tree last week and even zooming in could not identify him. After taking a closer look on the computer I saw he had a beautiful red throat and googled what kind of bird it could be. I was pleased to find out it was a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker- a type of Woodpecker. I had never seen one before!

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers lap up the leaking sap and any trapped insects with its specialized, brush-tipped tongue. They are mostly black and white with boldly patterned faces. Both sexes have red foreheads, and males also have red throats. Bold black-and-white stripes curve from the face toward a black chest shield and white or yellowish underparts.

Here is is hanging out- literally and munching on the berries on a branchyellowbelliedsapsuckerhanging

He kept moving around the tree so I was only able to get a few shots , and not very clear ones.dscn8445


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