Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word

Paula has invited us to pick a word this week. From the choices she has given us I have chosen two. Aquatic and Amiable.

Aquatic: of or relating to water ie: animal or plant. Amiable: having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.

This little lady duck proved not only to be aquatic, but also quite amiable dscn7200

She climbed right out of the water and brought some friends to eat directly from my hand. Quite amiable I thought.20160711_111305-2



19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word

  1. OH, I can just FEEL that duckbill nibbly feeling when I close my eyes and remember my very first pet ever…a duckling. I was only eight or so and I had her for years. I called her fluffy and it was about her life that I wrote my very first story. My teacher loved it and the Principal posted it in the glass case bulletin board outside the office for months. I was so shy back then I was mortified but later grew to appreciate the validation.

    Hmm, I think I’ll post that story…Thanks so much!


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