I awoke this morning to the terrible news that Easy, a Weimaraner whose blog I have been following for years, died last night. Through the blog written by his mom but from the perspective of Easy, I have laughed at their antics and cried when life handed them lemons. Though they live across the world from me in France, sharing our lives through our blogs we came to know each other and kept in contact through email off the blogs. This is one of the great things about blogging- we open ourselves up and make connections with people we would never have been able to otherwise. Though Easy has faded from life with us, he lives on in our hearts, and will do so in the many hearts he touched through his blog. My heart aches for my friends as I know the pain of losing a beloved pet, and especially so quickly and unexpectedly as was the case with Easy. 


26 thoughts on “Faded

  1. Oh sending condolences – and woof woof to the piece our pet’s leave etched inside our hearts
    And never heard of bloat- sounds horrid


  2. Oh dear. I didn’t know if I should hit the ‘like’ button as clearly this is such sad news. I didn’t follow Easy’s blog…but I would have. And I know how hard it is to say goodbye, particularly when it’s sudden. I am so so sorry. I’ll go over to the blog to express condolences.


  3. Bloat is one of those terrible things that happens so fast that if you aren’t right on top of it, it’s deadly very quickly. They never live long enough and as they start showing their age, we start to hover, hoping it doesn’t mean they’ll go soon. We never get used to is.


  4. Our Weimeraner will be 10 in February and I can tell she is getting old. They are big dogs and I hope she will be with us longer than her life expectancy.

    Loosing a pet hurts as much as it hurts to loose a friend.


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