If We Were Having Coffee….

I would invite you in because it is pretty chilly out there! The sky is clear blue, but it is deceiving when you step outside the door. I did go for an early morning walk spotting these early birds.. you know the saying…..

Two of our great nieces (they are cousins) came Friday morning to stay over as they have every Thanksgiving weekend for the past 7 years. We spend Friday shopping and getting frozen yogurt and going out for lunch. They are 15 years old now and I am glad they still look forward to coming even though they are teenagers. One of them told me she is “very into tradition” and loves that we have this weekend “tradition.” I was glad to hear it.

We even had some old time fun and stepped into a photo booth in the mall20161125_123630

Saturday night we went to a pottery painting place and allowed our creativity to flow- each of us painting and getting lost in our designs


Then it was off for more frozen yogurt and an end to the fun for this year. 20161126_2043460

Building relationships with my nieces is important to me – we keep in touch throughout the year but there is nothing like spending time alone with them. They know they are always welcome to share ideas or what is on their mind, and know that whatever they tell me stays with me. I have watched them grow from little girls into young women, encountering the difficulties that young girls face with friends, school and with family. They don’t need to explain any background- as I have known their mothers, my nieces, from the time they were teenagers too.

Now I need to get back to the reality of life, the laundry, the vacuuming and maybe a third cup of coffee- I hope you have enjoyed your weekend too!

Weekend Coffee Share 


24 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee….

  1. What a wonderful and loving aunt you are! Notice I can’t add Great Aunt, since you look young enough to be their older sister, Lisa!
    This is an amazing way to stay connected and be part of your family’s younger generation. It is a lovely tradition!
    Your husband looks like he enjoys the girls, too. ❤


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