Memory: the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.

    Something remembered from the past; a recollection.

It is funny how something can trigger a memory, remind us of a time from our past, remind us of someone we loved who is gone. I attended a concert at a local library on Sunday, a trio consisting of violin, piano and cello, who played 2 selections of classical music. It was a lovely hour spent listening and watching these talented musicians. When they finished they decided to do an encore, and at the first chords of the piano I knew what it was. The song Memory from the musical Cats. This song will forever be entwined with memories of my father, who got tickets for the show when it first opened in October of 1982. His favorite song was Memory, not just for the beauty of the music, but the words resonated with him too. He was a sentimental man and easily moved by music.

At the first chords I could feel a catch in my throat and my eyes fill with tears- all in a split second. Thinking of my father, remembering his excitement at getting those tickets, and just remembering him.

Those gone from our lives remain within us forever-and though it made me sad I was happy for the good memories and the music bringing my father to mind. 

9 thoughts on “Memory

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love how music can stir up so many memories for us. This reminds me of a time long ago, a wonderful time. I’ll probably be back today to listen to this again. Thank you for the tearful smile.


  2. Hello! I have Robin at Witless Dating after Fifty to thank for guiding me to your place … .I loved this piece – it resonates as i suspect it will (certainly should) with most. That lump in the throat that comes from no-where when a song or a scent or a view catch you unawares. But mostly what I loved is that you acknowledge how lovely it is that something can bring someone who has passed back so instantaneously. Yes, I loved this.


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