16 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Close up / Macro

  1. Not that long ago, all your pictures were fuzzy. I remember thinking how much you would benefit from a better camera. To say that your photography has come a really really long way in a very short time would not be an exaggeration. I can’t believe how good your photography is now … and mostly, how fast you found your artistic feet. It’s remarkable. I don’t know if you realize how far you’ve come. You should go back and look at some of your earlier stuff and give yourself as many pats on the back as you can manage. You deserve it!!


    • Thank you so much Marilyn-you had sent me an email when I first got my new camera with some tips about setting up a shot, framing,perspective, and I always keep your voice in my head. Seeing others photographs- especially yours and Garry’s I try to learn from them too. It means alot to get such a compliment from you- thank you ❤


  2. I am used to how good your captures are, but still you managed to surprise me with your dragonfly. 🙂 Wonderful! Have a good week, Lisa!


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