The Weekly Smile

My smile for the week occurred yesterday in my first grade classroom, where I am an assistant teacher. One of the boys was working at his desk while I was standing nearby when he asked me, “Miss Lisa, will you come with me next year to my 2nd grade class?” This child is a a bit of a worrier and always thinking about the future. I was touched that he would ask and told him I wasn’t sure right now what I’d be doing next year, but you never know. I then told him we still had plenty of first grade to get through and it was a long way off. He agreed and said , “yeah, like a millionΒ daysΒ until then.

An hour later we went to lunch and he approached me while I was sitting with another teacher and asked, “Have you made your decision yet?” It made me smile and laugh,Β hearing such a maturely phrased question from a six year old, and apparently even though there were a million days until then he was still thinking about it.


The Weekly Smile

31 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Come on, you had a whole hour to think about it (and skip all of the administrative stuff and all), you should have had your answer. I mean, an hour feels like a million days sometimes πŸ˜‰


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    • Thanks George- He is a really sweet child that tends to worry so we have had many “heart to hearts” about trying not to sweat the small stuff and worry about what is down the road. I was really so flattered and touched by it. A real “feel good moment” for me in the classroom

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