Daily Post: Bridge

Living in the New York area we always seem to be crossing bridges.

Crossing the Hudson River, to get to NYCgw2

or crossing the Hudson River a bit farther north onTappan Zee Bridge135

or crossing the Hudson even farther North over the Bear Mountain Bridgebearmtnbr4

Once even crossing the Hudson River on foot on the Walkway Over the Hudson, I wrote about it here


And once visiting a park overlooking the Hudson River while standing next to the George Washington Bridge

lisabridge (2)



13 thoughts on “Daily Post: Bridge

  1. Great shots. I love bridges from a physics perspective. Apply Earth’s gravity and add up how much vertical resistance is needed to defeat gravity. Not unlike how much actual thrust it takes to defeat Earth’s gravity to get rockets into space. Physics!


  2. Ah, yes. New York has the BIG bridges 🙂 Even our big bridges aren’t have as big as any of yours. Garry’s heading for NY on Monday, so he’ll be hitting the Throgs Neck. Your pictures remind me of growing up in NY. I actually remember when they built the Throgs Neck. i was just a kid, but it was a very big deal (and an even bigger mess 🙂 ).


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