All Seasons-Becoming Fond of Fall

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Fall is arriving here in the Northeast in the US and on Sunday I had a chance to capture some of the beautiful colors as my husband and I walked along the Hudson River.




These cliffs are called The Palisadescliffs1


The view across the riverdscn7896

We walked 4 and 1/2 miles-the trail winds along the river and then climbs into the mountain up a steep grade. We were glad to reach the top and turn around. On the way back we met a Guinea Hen, he lives with one of the Park Rangers. He wandered right up to us.

The descent back down was certainly easier and greeted us with shade and a yellow canopy of treesfoliagepathway

Autumn is a wonderful time of year here- before the real chill of winter sets in.


25 thoughts on “All Seasons-Becoming Fond of Fall

  1. Lisa: This MUST BE the Hook Mountain Park area, looking very familiar. Beautiful images with the fall foliage. I’m intrigued at your mention of climbing to the top. If it is where I think, I once was taking a break from a work schedule, in my suit and tie and black shoes, walked along this path and started climbing halfway up the mountain, on what I remember as a very primitive trail…. I retreated well before the top, a little worse for wear. M 🙂


    • It is Nyack Beach State Park- it begins in Nyack NY and wends its way along the Hudson River until you pop out near Rockland State Park,I am not sure what town it was that we reached. There was a split at one point for Haverstraw, which was 3 miles North too. I looked up Hook Mountain, it is North of this. The trail we walked was paved and easy to walk on, there were off trails in the woods but we did not dare! 🙂

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  2. Wow, the colors and the mountain ranges -am impressed! Also, there is a famous school of painting approach – the Hudson River Painters! Thank you for your kind intro:):) Many thanks for sharing this magnificent experience with ALL SEASONS. Hope to see a lot of you!


  3. It’s easier to start a new week after a refreshing walk like this, isn’t it. It’s so beautiful and colourful, and you had the perfect weather. It is my favourite season, but it’s a shame that it is getting shorter and shorter with every passing year and climate changes. I would have loved to join you in the walk along the Palisades. Beautifully captured, Lisa.


  4. I’m told that Guinea Hens’ favorite food are ticks. People keep them as pets to control ticks in the area. If I didn’t think the coyotes and other predators would have them as snack food, I’d get a few, too. They are cuties.

    I have always loved the Palisades.


  5. Fall is just an awesome time for photography, and you have a beautiful series here. Love all the orange and yellow dressing up the forest. And happy to have come across you blog:)
    xoxo Inger


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