A Photo A Week Challenge: Tools

My husband is not the “handy around the house” type of husband. He has many other strengths, but fixing things, hanging things, and the use of tools are not his strong suit. I lived on my own for 10 years before I was married and had to figure out how to use a screw driver and hammer if I wanted to get things done. I remember the thrill of buying a cordless electric power screwdriver.

A few weeks ago I was given a light switch plate by a friend, only to come home from work to find my husband wielding a screw driver to replace the old switchplate. I was shocked he even knew where to find the screwdriver. It was such a momentous event I took a picture.screwdriver1

A Photo A Week: Tools

27 thoughts on “A Photo A Week Challenge: Tools

  1. For some reason, my wife has no confidence in my abilities with hand tools- even though in my youth I took down a bathroom wall to the support beams, then replaced it with a new wall. She always wants to call someone to hang a picture! I tell you, I get no respect!


  2. My husband is very handy fixing stuff and hanging stuff but knows zero about cooking. Do you think if I just leave cooking tools out I’ll come home to find him doing some? Huh…


  3. this makes me laugh, because my hubby is the opposite – he’s able to look at something and fix it. When each of my 2 daughters married, there was panic when they discovered their husband were not made that way, so they took themselves to the task:) Thanks for visiting me!


  4. I remember when Garry put a new string on a pull cord light in the closet. It was as if he’d hit that walk-off homer in the 9th inning of the World Series. I would be TERRIFIED to find Garry anywhere near an outlet while wielding a screwdriver πŸ™‚


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