What’s Walktober you ask? Hosted by Breezes at Dawn, she says  Walktober is a group walk.  We each go out for a walk, we each post about it, and she gathers all the posts together in one big post here.  It takes place between October 15 through the 23.

Friday it rained from 10 AM to 4 PM at which point the sun made an appearance and the sky turned blue. I decided to go for a walk as I had been cooped up inside all day. I headed down to a nearby park alongside a river, which served as a military headquarters through much of the Revolutionary War. General George Washington actually made his headquarters there from September 4 to 17, 1780. This is the actual bridge he crossed dscn7815A beautiful view from the bridge with the fall colors reflected in the water. Amazing how still and clear the water is after a pounding rain all day.

dscn7811I took the path that leads to the house where Washington actually slept, it is open sometimes for military re enactments. The path was  covered with the rain drenched fallen leaves.


Another path leads to an old barn, one of my favorite places to stop and take in the view. I always love the large expanse of sky from this vantage pointdscn7849

Most of the grassy areas were flooded from the rain, but I spotted a butterfly and was able to get close enough to get a few shots.


A squirrel gave me the once over as I walked back to the roaddscn7856

The trees in one area were filled with Starlings. I was astounded at how many there were. Reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”dscn7831

They all flew off at once filling the sky like starsdscn7843

Many trees have not yet turned fall colors here, but I was able to spot a few.dscn7702

dscn7852Thanks for coming along with me on my Walktober!

44 thoughts on “Walktober

  1. I’m here from Robin’s post. Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.
    I’m not familiar with your area, but that park is lovely. I’m in S. Jersey, near Philadelphia. There are lots of Revolutionary War spots around here, of course–including the battlefield park in my town.


  2. This is a wonderful walk. I love that bridge and the barn and well, pretty much all of your images. I feel like I should know the area (having lived in NJ and PA), but it doesn’t look familiar at all.

    Thank you so much for participating in Walktober. 🙂 I apologize for taking so long to come over and walk with you. I have to take an unexpected trip (family stuff) and that’s put me behind with Walktober.


      • I grew up in Burlington County NJ, sort of south-central (about 30 minutes outside of Philly). Most of my family (siblings, father, etc.) are still there.


  3. Lots of wonderful history as well as wildlife to see on your Walktober outing. I was heartened to see a female Monarch butterfly. Robin said she had a bunch in her yard – Godspeed winged ones!


  4. What a wonderful walk! And such an interesting place full of history. Lived the barn shot (of course ) and the butterfly and the squirrel..and and and! I’m so glad you took us along!


  5. How amazing to be where George Washington was! What a glorious walk. Thanks for letting me come along. That Hitchcock movie used to scare the heck out of me! Ha. Glad those birds let you be! Great pictures, as always.


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