The Weekly Smile

I met my friend David in the summer of 1973 when I was 15 and he was 17. He was the friend of my best friend’s brother and about 8 of us began hanging around together that summer and into the school year. We partied on weekends, ate lunch together in school and got to take the school elevator because David had a key as part of the “AV”-“audio visual” crew transporting overhead projectors to and from classrooms. Pretty big deal back then. He graduated high school in 1974 but went to college locally so we still saw each other off and on. He married and asked me to be a bridesmaid in his wedding, a departure from the usual where the bride picks the bridesmaids, especially in this case as I barely knew the woman he was marrying!

Our lives took many different twists and turns through the years, but somehow the bond that was created in our teens never seemed to break. We have never been out of touch over the past 43 years, and try to meet for coffee a few times a year. Our differences never seem to make a difference- we both have the same point of reference from so long ago, know each other’s “history” as our own. I think our ongoing friendship speaks to how important those teenage years were, and even the friendship we shared in our early 20’s. We always seemed to be there for each other- I can remember turning to David for a shoulder to lean on during a bad patch with a boyfriend, someone he knew, and how our friendship got me through those troubling times.

David and Me At My Surprise 21st Birthday Partydavelisa1978

We met for coffee today, for the first time in a long time-and we sat for 3 hours catching up on what’s been going on. We shared a few laughs and caught up on what some of the others from the old gang are doing these days. I looked across the table feeling like it was only a moment ago that we were teenagers, so much of that time still so vivid in my mind’s eye- not believing the man sitting across from me is going on 61. I smiled remembering those days, some filled with laughter, some in a drug induced haze, some filled with heartache and tears. I smiled thinking how glad I was to have someone still in my life who remembers those times too. And how fortunate.davidme2016


29 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. That was wonderful. I was 15/16 in 1973 t00. I can totally relate to the story. Those friends that you had for those few years. It’s fun to reconnect. They help fill in the blanks of some of those hazy memories. They bring up stuff that you haven’t thought about in years; or, since the event actually happened. It was magical being a teen in the 70s. But, I guess everybody says that about their decade.


    • I so agree about it being magical at that time, and it’s funny he did bring up something I had forgotten about from those days- made me laugh to remember it again!


  2. Other than siblings, long term friends are the most valuable people to share our history together. Parents don’t stay with us till we are old usually, so this David really is special. Interestingly enough, my first husband and I met in 1974, we both graduated that year and started college together. When he lost his mom, dad, brother then sister, even though we had been divorced, we had the two children together, we both cried. I tell people how much I like his present wife and her sense of humor while we sit at grandchildren birthday parties and football games played by “our” oldest grandson and they look at my like I am crazy. It is comforting to know someone who remembers your younger days, mistakes (“warts and all”) and still is your friend! ❤

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    • Wow- that says so much about the person you are to have an ongoing relationship like that with your ex husband. I remember my aunt, my mother’s sister saying how bad she felt when my parents divorced and that ended what had been a close relationship with my father. You can’t erase those years gone by and the things you experienced together.


    • omg, I agree. This says so much about both you and your ex-husband ❤
      The world is a much better place for family and friends when former partners can truly be friends.


  3. What a great story and it makes me appreciate all the more how blessed I am to still be in touch with my first love, my junior high school boyfriend. Such an innocent time. We were “torn apart” when his family had to move away. I swear, I think we wrote a letter to each other every single day for YEARS! Then eventually we drifted apart. But he and another of my “brothers” from that era found me back in the 80’s and we have stayed in touch since. David has even traveled from his home in North Carolina to see us, either in Mississippi or in the Northwest where we now live. He is so special to me because of who he was and who he turned out to be. But also because he is one of the only people left in my life who remembers my mother (his 2nd Mom) and she died when we were still so young. Thanks so much for your post. I’m going to write him right now!

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    • So great you too still have a relationship with someone who knows your history, remembers the time, and how special that he remembers your mother. I am always happy when a post rings true to someone else- glad it did for you


  4. Those are special friends, the ones that knew us when and the ones that grew up in the same area and knew the same people. We never forget them and it never seems like any time has passed.


  5. Old friends are much more than family, for me…
    I know I can count on them much more than on everyone else (and viceversa, of course) and the reason why this happens is that we chose each other when we were still young and genuine…
    Beautiful post!


  6. Great photos Lisa! it’s great that you are still in contact with your friends, I have not seen any of my high school friends in a very long time. My best buddy married a woman that drove many of his friends away including me. Which makes me glad that it’s not that way for everyone!


      • I agree. A bit of background-I was very very shy and was picked on mercilessly. Hence I was glad when high school was over, never went to college. Too much a bad taste from those days. I also spelled that word wrong!


  7. Makes me feel wistful. My first week of college, I met a girl and fell hopelessly in love. But after several years it didn’t work out and we remained friends. When I married, we lost touch. 25 years later, after a yearlong search by mail and phone and internet, I found her. We met up again in 1999, me her and my son. And it was like I had seen her only last week. She and I continued to see each other for a few years and then one day, out of the blue, her boyfriend- whom I had never met- called to tell me she had died. A heart attack. She was only 53. So treasure the moments you have- not only with David, but with all your family and friends. I swear I still miss her.


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