14 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Deer

    • I have been lucky that they didn’t move as I was pretty close to them. Had a weird experience the other morning when walking around the pond near my house- I spotted a group of deer on the trail and they spotted me- and one of them started running towards me- I thought I’d have a heart attack. I thought they were supposed to be afraid of people????? I ran like hell looking back once and still seeing him, but made it off the trail and he must have thought better of meeting me as he did not exit the trail too 🙂

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  1. She’s a pretty girl. I used to make the noise from my doorstep that was similar to the snorting sound made by the male Buck made during rooting season. The boys would respond to my Buck Snorts. They would challenge me then leave the area. I love deer, yet the biggest danger in my old home area were deer, leaping from swamps and along roads lined with Field Corn. No way to see them until it’s too late. Michigan Life.

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