Discover Challenge: Animal

Both Sammy & Max were rescue dogs. Sammy was left tied to a fence in the snow of December, someone took him in and called us as they knew we had been looking to get a dog. He was trained, the vet figured about 5 years old, and so very smart. Two years later we brought Max home, another rescue, quite a character, our “mush ball” wanting nothing but to slobber us with kisses. Sammy barely tolerated him, but as the years wore on they found their place together, and Max was always protective of Sammy as he slipped into senility, living to age 19. Max died 2 years later at age 17. To say our lives with them were changed is an understatement. They brought us joy and laughter, they made us crazy with the predicaments they got into that gave us extra work, but the frustrations were always short lived. They left an indelible mark on our hearts that to this day, 6 and 4 years later I still cannot speak of them without crying.  It is sometimes hard to fathom what an imprint they make on our lives, how deep the love for an animal can run. People who have never had that bond don’t understand, cannot understand it. When Sammy died I was touched by the phone call I received from my brother in law. Though he is not a tremendous fan of dogs, and never had one, he called to say how sorry he was, that he knew how much Sammy had meant to us, and what a loss it was for us. I have always remembered that call, and his sensitivity to understanding that although it may have been a foreign emotion to him, he understood the depth of it for us.





Max sleeping in the same bed with Sammy – giving comfort to him in his old agesammy maxbed


17 thoughts on “Discover Challenge: Animal

  1. When we get pets we always get rescue pets. I’m really proud of my kids for doing the same in their adult lives. My son and daughter-in-law have an Australian sheep dog that was born blind and deaf. No one would take her and she was about to be euthanized. They stepped in and she has been a part of the family for the past five years. In fact, she now thinks she’s the four month old baby’s mom. She can’t see or hear him but she sits guard outside his room. They also have a huge dog of mixed breed that had a life expectancy of ten years so no one would adopt him. He also has bone problems. They adopted him and he’s now five years past his life expectancy. Lots of meds but he has a good quality of life.


  2. You are right Lisa, people who haven’t been close to animals, will never understand what a loss and emptiness, as they leave us with, when they leave this world.
    When we see animals as family and treat them like that, they become so close to us. They see us as their family and are willing to do all for us.
    Such beautiful memories you have 🙂


  3. I noticed this fact too… even people who have no dogs feel with us when we have to go through the darkest times… I always think there is something special between dogs&humans what grows with every day we are together and what has a good influence on the people around us…


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