Agree to Disagree

I know I am a pretty strong minded person, with ideas of my own and opinions of my own. I am open to listening to what someone has to say when they offer an opinion or idea that differs from mine, but as I have grown older I have learned to use the phrase, “I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.” Usually the person on the receiving end of my line becomes frustrated with that response and will continue to argue, attempting to still sway me. I am not interested in being swayed and find it amusing that they are unable to accept that I don’t agree with them. I would not consider imposing something I feel strongly about on someone else just because they disagree with me, so why can’t they do the same? Having different outlooks and sharing them is part of what life is all about. If we all agreed on everything what a boring place this would be. My friends and people I spend time with for the most part share similar values as me, but we don’t necessarily agree with everything the other does. We do respect those differences and perhaps learn from them, allowing us to both to continue growing and even sometimes to agree to disagree.385240_10150447427076654_657766653_10461098_1105778932_n


32 thoughts on “Agree to Disagree

  1. Very timely, as the current political scene fosters what appears to me to be deeper divisions amongst friiends, neighbors, relitives…. than I can remember. “Agree to disagree” seems almost mandatory to avoid unpleasant and potentially harmful feelings. Maybe that is why there seems to more social get togethers this season predicated by “No politics, please!” M 🙂


    • I have never shared my political views with friends for that reason- we all make personal choices and I would rather not know their choice- this year everyone seems to be more out spoken and open because of the candidates who are running- and I know for me I would rather have known a friend’s choice as it really changed my feelings for her. I like your no politics policy!!

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  2. I use that statement anytime common ground cannot be found. It’s great to listen and even to be open to others’ opinions and perspectives. Sometime we’ll have a change of mind and other times we won’t. Either way, it’s okay to not be the same as everyone else and it’s certainly okay to agree to disagree. I do agree though, most people don’t like to hear that. They want to win, not settle with a tie.


  3. I have one friend who it is impossible to discuss opposing views with. She will take your stand and turn it into a completely skewed evil (so you are okay with mass shootings happening every day just as long as you can keep your AK47?). When I called her out for twisting my words into something I had obviously not said, her only comeback was to just flat out insult me. I don’t understand that. With other people, I love having respectful discussions of differing opinions.


  4. egg-sactly… if we all would agree with efurrything, we would wear uniforms, had the same haircut and we probably would still live in caves… the rebels and disagree-ers made this world to an interesting place :o)


    • with you on that Marilyn- already opted out of one friendship as a result of them sharing an opinion I wish they hadn’t- coloured my entire opinion of who I thought they were.


  5. Some people aren’t happy until they’ve convinced you their point of view should be your point of view. That can be a recipe for disaster with the wrong people. Thankfully cooler heads prevail..:)


    • It makes me laugh every time I look at it! The mouths, the expressions the hand gesture- her arm around my shoulder like we are unified in whatever it was we were mouthing off about. Too funny. Probably disputing something from the past as it was our 35th high school reunion 🙂

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