Thursday’s Special: Clandestine

There are some words that I love, their sound, their meaning, the way the letters when put together roll off the tongue. Clandestine is one of those words. Its meaning: private or surreptitious: kept secret or done secretively. It conjures up for me unrequited love, or love that cannot be, where a couple must steal away to meet, words left unsaid because of the haste of the meeting. clandestine1


Thursday’s Special

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18 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Clandestine

  1. Unrequited love is intense though not rewarding and does not bring serenity. The first view is beautiful, and as for the second I wonder how close to them you were….


    • I spotted them from a distance and captured the first shot, then I moved to different vantage point and zoomed in- I did not want to impose on them at all during their shared moment


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