Daily Post: Hike

My husband and I love to hike- I’m not talking about climbing up rocks and taking unmarked trails through the mountains- I mean taking long walks, preferably on a paved trail as it winds through the woods, or through a park. The season doesn’t matter so much- we’ll go anytime of year. Once we walked through a county park which passes through many towns. It was a six mile walk one way. We thought we would take two cars and park one at each end, this way we wouldn’t have to walk a round trip of 12 miles. We both drove to one end to leave one car and then would drive together to the other end and take our hike. We pulled in to park the car and my husband said “let’s leave both cars here, we can do the round trip.” Ever the optimist, married to me the pessimist, I decided not to be the negative Nellie, thinking it would be too far a walk, I agreed. Off we went, with our lunch and water bottles, on a sunny day heading out on our hiking journey. We reached the 6 mile marker and sat down to eat lunch, at which point my husband said, “maybe we should have driven the car here.” Left with no choice but to make the trek back , putting one foot in front of the other albeit walking a bit more slowly now. His sciatica began to rear its ugly head so we sat and rested more than once. We did make it back, happy at the end we had done the whole 12 miles, and grateful to plant ourselves in our cars to drive home. 20160911_134330




18 thoughts on “Daily Post: Hike

  1. The last time we decided to walk from one town on Martha’s Vineyard to another, I broke one of those tiny little bones in my foot. It was a long limp home. These days, we are careful that we don’t go further than we can comfortably go back. The only time I forget is when I’m wandering around with a camera. Sometimes, I am a lot further from where I began than I realize. Oops.


  2. Sandy Paws and I can attest, it is a nice walk, but we did it in segments over a few years! …. 12 miles would have been about 50,000 “steps” for her! M 🙂


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