Thursday’s Special: Deconstruction

This week Paula tells us: Deconstruction is a way of understanding how something was created, usually things like art, books, poems and other writing. It means breaking something down into smaller parts.

I have taken the challenge quite literally, as the photos I am using are what a bridge looks like as it is being built, in its deconstructed state. 140



This bridge is being built alongside the bridge it will replace, which is how I was able to take the photos as we crossed on the existing bridge. Fascinating to see the bridge in its deconstructed state.


9 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Deconstruction

  1. Well, at least you figured out a way to approach. A lot more than I’ve been able to do. Are they rebuilding the whole Tappan Zee again? I remember when they built it in the first place …. I was just a kid.


  2. Bridges fascinate me, and the process of construction too. This is an excellent approach to the theme. I love literal. One can never go wrong with literal. Thank you, Lisa. I know this has been a challenge that made people think more and I am very glad that you participated. I knew I could count on you. If you are interested to see and read more about deconstruction, today I received the link from Tobias who, as a philosopher that he really is, took it to a higher level than I had dared to hope for. 🙂


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