The Weekly Smile

This weekend my husband and I visited a local Zoo. My last time there was in 1964 on a 2nd grade class trip. Back then zoos were quite different from how they are today. There were no natural habitats for the larger animals to roam around in, they were locked in metal cages.I think back to it and cringe. The Zoo underwent a many million dollar update years ago andΒ has been an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 2006. An improvement I must say. We wandered the zoo, taking in the sights, but my weekly smile came when I spotted the train. All aboard! You’re never too old for a train ride!





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32 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

    • I agree about the prison part. It’s one thing to have rescued animals in a sanctuary where it is safe for them to live because they are injured and would not survive- but otherwise I believe they belong in their natural habitats


  1. I remember also how awful zoos were when I was a kid. Fortunately, Bronx zoo was one of the first to upgrade to better living conditions and the mostly closed the small zoo in Central Park. Our local zoos are pretty good, as these things go and they are trying to be better. Unfortunately, given the state of endangerment of most of the larger wildlife on planet earth, zoos are one of the few ways to keep some of these species from going extinct. Hard choices, but there don’t seem to be other options.

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  2. I liked the way you captured the train winding along its tracks but of course, my favorite photograph of all was of you and your husband’s smiles! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. I grew up in San Diego so a Zoo was a regular part of my life…school field trips, every time we had out of town company, etc. And as I got older, we kids just saved babysitting money and went on our own. I loved the Zoo! I think I was lucky to be exposed to such a variety of philosophies about Zoos that I came to appreciate their value beyond being money-making, tourist attractions. (I’m not saying they are all good places.)

    I remember on 3rd grade field trip a really old “zookeeper”, cleaning out the elephants enclosure, telling us that he was so lucky to have MET these elephants and that they were the most important part of his life for more than thirty years.

    Thinking about zoos as a place for us to “meet” animals has always stayed with me and given me a lifelong appreciation for all animals. For that, I am grateful for a Zoo.

    Thanks for a great post. WOOooOOOH!

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  4. Totally with you on this, Lisa. While zoos still make me cringe, at least they are trying to make the living conditions so much better for the animals. At least it looks that way!


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