A World of Toothpicks

This past weekend we visited a wonderful exhibit called Toothpick City. The man who created these wonderful structures is Stan Munro, not a student of architecture, but a fan of it. Toothpicking has been his hobby since his 5th grade art teacher brought a toothpick project to the classroom. Stan stayed with it, and almost 30 years later he makes a living at it. The structures he builds are amazing to see, especially when you become aware of the tiniest detail he has paid attention to. Here is some of what we saw.20160821_122901








31 thoughts on “A World of Toothpicks

  1. These are outstanding. At first it looked like something I will have to try, but then I realized how much patience it would require. I think I’ll just admire his work from afar.


  2. That’s funny, Lisa. I just read somewhere that there is a toothpick exhibit at the Morris Museum. Is this where you saw it? We were planning to stop there at some point before the end of the month.


    • GO!!! The entire museum is wonderful- there was a 2 o’clock lecture on Sunday about their collection of mechanical musical instruments, and things for kids to do too. Wonderful place- we spent the whole day there!


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