Black & White Sunday: Favourite

This week Paula would like us to post a photo of our “favourite”. Be it a place, a thing, a person, a pastime or a holiday. Our favourite anything. Maybe the favourite shot we have taken and still haven’t published. The only requirement for this “favourite” is to make it black and white.

So hard to choose a favourite photo, I seem to have so many. I decided to use a few of my favourites taken at my favourite place, the ocean. Sea, sand and seagullsfavourite1




20 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Favourite

  1. I’ve just returned from a week at the beach, and you captured the scenes I sank into for those seven days. Beautiful. There’s something about the black-and-white that makes the photos nostalgic and romantically intense, also.


  2. Darling you have me surprised. I knew you could shoot but the second and especially the third one wowed me. Please keep the third one in colour somewhere (I’ll have “food chain” theme for colour challenge some time soon) 🙂 Wow, Lisa!


    • Thanks Paula- I can’t tell you how excited I was to capture that seagull with his “catch” I took a few of them! I am still practicing catching birds in flight- I have improved but have a ways to go 🙂


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