26 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Writing

  1. That’s the sad part about all this communication via email and texting … the loss of the hand-written message. As your photos show – it is very special! It’s not just the words, it’s the personality of the writing ❤


  2. All are special because of who wrote them, Lisa. ❤ I especially like the carefully written German writing from an autograph book. The floral edging is so beautiful, too.


  3. What a beautiful gift you have in these letters and the autograph book! This is what people did before TV and internet. Anything German fascinates me, as I was born in Germany while my father was serving in the U.S. army and lived there the first two years of my life. I’ve never been back, but it’s on my bucket list. Loved this post!


  4. Wenn du einst in schweren Stunden,
    traurig in dein Album blickst,
    und du dieses Blatt gefunden,
    denke stets an mich zurück.

    An old post in a German Poesy Album. I am so glad you still have it.


  5. Ok, by now you probably know I’m a huge fan of yours… but this sealed the deal!! Now you’re stuck with me!! 🙂 This post has 3 of my all time favorite words:


    How wonderful that you have those! 🙂


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