The Weekly Smile

This week my weekly smile was enjoying all that summer has to offer. As an assistant teacher I have the summer off and when people asked me at the end of school what I intended to do with all that free time I told them drink coffee with friends, shop, and go to the beach. That is pretty much how things have gone so far.

Yesterday the weather was wonderful and we headed to the beach once again. Getting out of the car and seeing the glistening ocean against a beautiful blue sky made me smile and kept me smiling all day20160804_100322

I think this seagull wanted to join us for lunch. He was maybe 12 inches from our blankets as you can see, but made me smile20160804_115654

Even yesterday’s beach tag made me smile with its half moons and stars. (please ignore all the age spots)

and here I am with a fellow assistant teacher after we had our coffee we walked the mall and did some shopping which made us both smile20160803_135201

Weekly smiles, summer smiles


10 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Seagulls are persistent sons of guns! Lisa, I like your beach tag and happy shopping photo with your fellow teaching assistant! It is so nice you stay in touch over the summertime! 🙂


    • The seagulls crack me up and they are so brazen. The other assistant and I became good friends this year and have met a few times over the summer- we miss not seeing each other every day!


    • You have to pay to get on the beach and they give you a wristlet to wear that enables you to leave and get back on, like when I go to a concession stand to get a coffee 😊Each day is a different one, so no reusing. You can also buy a season pass if you will be there all the time


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