Cemetery Visit

I went to visit the grave of a cousin last week- he is buried a short drive from where I live, unlike the rest of his family, including his parents, who live hours away.  He died 9 years ago, at the age of 50- I wrote about him, his life and death previous visit here

The cemetery is situated very high up on a hill and this time before I left I decided to drive up to highest point to take in the view.view


It was so peaceful and quiet, I got out of my car to walk among the headstones. I stopped to read many of them, wondering about the lives of the people buried there. Some of the headstones did  tell me a bit about the person. It is not unusual to see inscriptions that read “Beloved mother or father”, but I found some had more than the customary inscriptions.

This woman had been a teacher and it must have been so much a part of her life it was also included.20160720_125606

This woman was not just a mother, but in the eyes of those who loved her the best one

This man had not been married I guessed, as there was no inscription for husband. “A Mensch” was written there, its meaning from Yiddish “a person of integrity and honor.”20160720_125753

How wonderful to be remembered as “strong yet gentle”20160720_130536

This headstone held an inscription I had never seen before. Not only was she a wife, mother and grandmother, the Yiddish term for mother in law-shvigger- was also inscribed. What a compliment, since we all know the old jokes about mother in laws and they are usually not so complimentary.20160720_125330

I came to this bench where I sat for a bit, taking in the surroundings and feeling the warm breeze washing over me as I looked out to the mountains in the distance. Thinking of my cousin and remembering him with a smile.20160720_130749

12 thoughts on “Cemetery Visit

  1. I really enjoyed this personal post but yet it was a walk in a cemetery. I enjoy strolling through cemeteries… Such history. I hope to post my stroll through Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland. It is a most beautiful place.


  2. What a beautiful phrase/poem on that bench. I love it. Great photos. When I was a young mother, I lived a block away from a cemetery. I used to take my two little boys for walks in the stroller through it and read the gravestones. Such peaceful places. This post reminded me of that.


  3. How interesting that both of us would post today about a cemetery visit.

    I love cemeteries and I wish I was a story teller … able to weave a tale from the names and dates of the lives lived.


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