20 thoughts on “Narrow around New York City

  1. I love your take on narrow –
    The four people and their leg positions are juts great – and the guy talking – gal smoking / and other guy (left) chilling!

    But also the sign and escalator – culture rich post !

    And you know – seeing the sign in Times Square (the Stella beer) well the whole shot shows the many moods of Times Square – nice !


  2. These days, I find escalators a bit daunting. I think I always did. When I wore heels, I got a heel caught in an escalator and my shoe and it went on without me. But they are so interesting, too …. And that’s a great building. New York.


    • I’m not a fan of escalators either- I usually opt for the stairs- they throw off my balance – eye coordination when getting on- it’s an exercise in concentration getting on!


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