The Weekly Smile

I went into New York City this week to visit a friend I had not seen in a long time. I decided to walk from the bus terminal up to her apartment, close to a mile and 1/2. I know my way around NYC having worked there for close to 30 years, there is a feeling of comfort revisiting so many of the streets I walked many years ago to get to work.Β It was a warm day so I walked along at a slower pace, taking in everything around me just like a tourist.

I was walking up 8th Avenue and passed a fire station between 47th & 48th streets. The Fire engines were right there and the windshield of one caught my eye20160726_103005

I stopped to take a few photos and suddenly felt someone behind me taking my phone out of my hands. One of the firefighters said “go stand by the other truck I’ll take your photo.” I started to laugh and asked if he was for real, and with that another firefighter stepped over and said, “I’ll get in the photo with you.”20160726_103024What great guys- I thanked them, smiling from ear to ear, not just for the photo but for the work they do for the city every day.

When I got home I googled the station only to find “The Pride of Manhattan”Β Engine 54, Ladder 4, Battalion 9 Firehouse lost 15 firefighters on 9/11 — an entire shift and more than any other New York Firehouse. The 15 men killed had 28 children between them. It is the busiest firehouse in NYC answering 14,000 calls a year, and also the most visited firehouse in NYC. I was glad I stopped, to meet these 2 brave men who risk their lives in the job they do, but also to learn something new about this firehouse I had probably passed many times before. My weekly smile.

28 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. How wonderful. Sad about the 15 from 9/11, but love how you got to see true heroes and learn the history of their station. 14,000 calls sounds like tons of hard work, risk, and bravery rolled into one. When you go back, would you mind giving them a huge thank you from me? πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t know where Car 54 is, but Engine 54 seems to be out there doing it’s job. A great chance for you to meet some real heroes. Great smile! πŸ™‚


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