Pokemon GO!

I am way too old to have grown up during the heyday of Pokemon. Honestly I didn’t even know what it was, but it has been hard to ignore all the hoopla going on around the release of Pokemon Go, so I looked up what it all means. Apparently it involves fictional creatures called Pokemon, which humans – known as Pokemon Trainers – try to catch and battle each other for sport. Pokemon Go, the new virtual reality game brings Pokemon to life on your smart phone. You catch Pokemon, battle in Poke Gyms, evolve your creatures, doing it all in the “real” world. You physically walk around with the app open on your phone and your virtual avatar follows your every movement. as you find Pokemons. Always interested in keeping up with what is going on in the world, I downloaded it to my phone. I created an avatar and as I began to walk around, the avatar moved on the map using GPS. When a Pokemon is nearby, the phone vibrates and then it appears on the screen in the vicinity of my avatar. It activates the camera so the Pokemon creature shows up wherever I am actually standing. Below, I was taking my morning walk.weedle

There is a Poke Ball that you use to fling at the Pokemon to capture it. I think the point is to collect as many of these Pokemon creatures as you can and then battle it out with other creatures. There are Poke Stops which are landmarks in the area-  public pools, parks, statues, buildings. At these Poke Stops you can collect more of those Poke Balls you will need to capture the Pokemon. Sounds crazy, right? Well I love it! I walk every morning and this has given my morning walk a boost. I head to the poke stops that show up on the map, collect poke balls and then as I am walking my phone will vibrate and there is some little creature I have to catch.

 I have added an extra mile to my walks finding new poke stops and collecting poke balls while capturing more creatures. This morning I got this notification:medal

Woo hoo! My aim with those poke balls is getting better and it shows! Yesterday when I was out shopping I saw a group of teenagers all huddled together in one area of a park-I knew they had found a poke stop and headed right over. Made me laugh to be standing there probably 40 years their senior but grabbing those poke balls right along with them.

13 thoughts on “Pokemon GO!

  1. You’re never too old! I loved reading this post. My 19 year old grandson plays this game and it drives his grandpa crazy! But at least it’s getting him out instead of hunching over the computer at home!


  2. Oh my gosh, Lisa–these Pokémon people are everywhere. I was talking with one gal about this last week and she was really bummed because the system was down and she purposely got up early to get out there. Beat those young kids!! 😀


  3. Just beware the location device my sweet..i have read that these ‘pins’ pretty much can let others know where you are ..was an interesting article and the guy who wrote it cancelled his app..re did it without this part open but the all had kept his old location..i don’t get the whole game thing as i am not game tech savvy 🙂 🙂


  4. Went to a restaurant with friends last night, one of them was trying to catch those creatures at the end of the meal, the game soon made a real impact on everybody, I think I’m not going to play it but it really seemed fascinating. Be careful when you play it, falling, stumbling seem likely stuff to happen!:D


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