Walkway Over the Hudson

The Walkway Over the Hudson was originally a steel cantilever bridge spanning the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie, New York, on the east bank and Highland, New York, on the west bank. Built as a double track railroad bridge, it was completed on January 1, 1889. It was taken out of service on May 8, 1974, after it was damaged by fire. After many years of deciding who would take control of it, and what would happen to it, it was rebuilt as a pedestrian walkway and reopened on October 3, 2009. It is the  longest footbridge in the world and called the  Walkway Over the Hudson.

On our way back from the Catskill Mountains last week we made a stop to walk across the 1.25-mile long expanse that rises 212 feet above a stretch of the Hudson River. The views were amazing, sweeping up river and down river and across the rooftops of the town of Poughkeepsie. We walked across and back bringing our total mileage to 2 1/2, an accomplishment in the 90 degree heat, and well worth it.entrancegate


Looking South, with a view of the Bear Mountain Bridgeview1


Looking NorthDSCN7249

Here we go across…..DSCN7251

I purposely left the railing in the photo below to give perspective on how high up I was. As a person with a fear of heights I was happy I overcome my fear to walk across. So worth the views.view2

View on the way back acrossview3

21 thoughts on “Walkway Over the Hudson

  1. Nice pictures from a wonderful “re-purposing” project. I walked the bridge about two years ago with a friend, in that case it showcased the autum foliage along the Hudson. So many great places to see, and many times practically in our back yard. M 🙂


  2. The photograph you took looking South was most amazing photograph, in my opinion. I really enjoyed all of the bridge photos, but this one really “stood out,” Lisa! 🙂


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