Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Train on the Tracks

I took this photo standing on an overpass over the train tracks near my home. The early morning sun caught the reflection of the fog still in the air. There is something surreal about standing over a train as it runs underneath you. I waved to the conductor who saw me and waved back.

Another view from the overpass, facing the other direction at a different time of daytracks

Trains,train trackscees-fun-foto

20 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Train on the Tracks

  1. This was a marvelous, stupendous photograph, which you described perfectly, as “surreal.” It was so wonderful you caught the fog and even better, since I struggle along with just a cell phone, you did this with a cell phone! Wow! You are indeed really professional and have a good eye for when to take them. Hugs, Robin


    • Thanks so much- in this case it was just luck- I didn’t see the fog, the shadows, I just saw the train and thought it would make a good capture, as it was underneath me. Sometimes it just works out right? 😀


  2. These are great photos. James and I got to take the Train Trip of a Lifetime last September. I say of a lifetime because we will never be able to afford a whole “bedroom/bathroom compartment” again. We left Seattle and rode mostly down the coast, all the way to Oceanside, California. I would take a road trip anywhere but a train is a delightful way to see the country. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to revisit my photos to see if any are worth posting!


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