The Piano Man

My husband began taking piano lessons 7 years ago, learning how to play and read music for the first time in his life. We had an old upright piano which gave way to a very old baby grand that served him well for a few years. We met a wonderful piano “tuner” (I use quotes because today they are called technicians) Loren, through the woman we bought the piano from. He tuned the old piano a few times and finally said it was time for it to move on, that we needed something better and he would keep an eye out. A few months later he called saying someone wanted to sell their baby grand that was a mere 20 years old compared to ours which was closer to 60. We bought it after having Loren check it out for us giving it his seal of approval.

When Loren comes to tune the piano it is like an old friend coming to visit. I make a cup of coffee while he proceeds to take apart the piano readying it for tuning. DSCN7288I learned through one of our chats that Loren spent the years from 1987 to 1999 playing the piano in the  famous New York City restaurant Elaine’s. He is a master musician, serving as Head Technician for the Conservatory at New Jersey City University, responsible for the maintenance of 54 Steinway pianos. He is easygoing and always interesting to talk to. He also wears great socks


My favorite part is when he is almost finished and he actually plays.

Nothing like the sound of an in tune piano with Loren on the keys.


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