The Weekly Smile

Every week Trent over at Trent’s World asks us what made us smile this week. With all the goings on in the world it is important to remember to find the things that can make us smile and bring us joy. Join in the fun by sharing your smile with others so we can all smile more!

We visited Minnewaska Lake in the Catskill region of New York this past week. It is a beautiful place, with a paved trail around the lake that starts at ground level and takes you way up high onto the mountain. As we walked around the lake there was one solitary duck that swam up to where we were standing.DSCN7199


He hopped onto a rock looking at us.DSCN7200

I then had the pleasant surprise of him climbing out of the water and right up to me. I took a piece of bread I had been carrying for lunch out of my bag, and to my shock he took it right from my hand20160711_111513

Suddenly, from out of nowhere I drew a crowd

Wow it made me laugh and smile to have wild ducks so tame they thought nothing of eating from my hand! It left me smiling the rest of the day!!weeklysmile1

19 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

  1. Oh I love this! My very first pet was a duck. She also inspired the first thing I ever wrote, in the 4th grade I called “Fluffy, the Duck”. I won a school award and my story and picture were posted on my elementary school bulletin board for months (which embarrassed me completely)! I rewrote this as an adult. Maybe I’ll post that story. I LOVE ducks! I can close my eyes and feel a duck bill nibbling something from my hand! Thanks so much for this reminder.


    • It was such an amazing experience!! The feel of that bill gently nibbling away the food was the best. How wonderful you won an award for your story about your duck. Love it 🙂


  2. Pretty cool! Unfortunately it means too many people are feeding those ducks and they kind of expect it. Still, very cool – don’t have many ducks coming up to me, they usually go the other way!


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