24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

  1. Great entries for the challenge – the thru the sunroof one is my fav –
    And I have a selfish request – is there a reason you only allow partial posts to be read from the reader? Well if not – maybe you could set up your posts to be allowed full in the reader because I have tough time leaving the reader and going to certain blogs / it logs me off – and so many times I just skip over certain blogs that have “go to blog to finding reading post” – only because I have the glitch – anyhow – I selfishly was asking because you know I enjoy your blog- Xxoo


    • I changed it- I think I had it to partial posts because you can’t see my actual blog page when it is in full reader, it bothered me the text is just on a white background. If it means people aren’t reading the full posts then it doesn’t make sense to have it set that way- thank for letting me know! 🙂

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      • I hear you – and I actually prefer the text on a white back ground because it is so easy to read – especially in the car or on trips – when i love to visit blogs – you know?
        but I will still come to yours even if I have to go into my follows and do it that way…. ha!


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